Nimbo YY Bamboo Women Coral / Natural

Nimbo YY Bamboo Women Coral / Natural




The Nimbo YY Bamboo is a part of the vegan plant powered range. It’s a super light, cool, and breathable slip-on sneaker made from OEKE-TEK ® certified bamboo (a.k.a. the good stuff), with accents of cactus leather. Why Bamboo? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth producing 30% more oxygen than the same amount of trees. YY Nation’s research and development has created a unique soft but super strong material, with the added natural benefits of being antibacterial and resistant to moisture to keep your feet cool and dry. The lining is made from wood pulp that is spun into a thread that you can wear with or without socks.

The durable, stable sole is crafted using YY ingredients of Algae or Sugarcane. Rubber inserts increase grip allowing you to get around with ease. The Nimbo is super lightweight—both on your foot and on the planet, with low carbon emissions (average 5.56KgCO2e per pair!) that really ups their feel-good factor. Slip into nature and head off on your next adventure (Errands count, too.)

The Nimbo Bamboo sneaker with Algae sole uses 5.45kg CO2e, making it one of the lowest carbon sneakers in the world! The Nimbo Bamboo sneaker with Sugarcane sole uses 5.67kg CO2e compared to an industry average of 14kg CO2e per pair of sneakers. YY Nation carbon results were independently analyzed and certificated using ISO 14067 standards by thinkstep™ and Ekos (™).

YY Nation Bamboo is certified by OEKO – TEK ® using sustainable and ethical growers.
YY soles are made from nature using natural bio-based materials like Algae or Sugarcane that don’t emit harmful oil based chemicals into the environment like most other shoes.
Using cactus leather accents reduces harmful CO2 emission caused from burning off this waste material, turning waste into wonder
There’s less need for transportation as many of the raw materials are made into YY Nation’s unique shoe components within 65 miles (100km) of our manufacturing home base.
Small carbon footprint: the YY Nation supply chain has been designed and developed to minimize the YY Nation carbon footprint. YY Nation CO2e emissions are 42% to 61% lower than conventional sneaker emissions.
It gets better. YY Nation sneakers are Zero Carbon certified. Whatever YY Nation removes from the environment, we put it back in by planting indigenous forests to restore the natural wonder for future generations and animals to enjoy. It’s the YY Nation way.
All Packaging is made from FSC certified, environmentally friendly cardboard

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