PLS21-01 Perlatto Tie Dye Gelo

PLS21-01 Perlatto Tie Dye Gelo

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  • In addition to being super comfortable, these women’s sneakers are produced in leather and have elastic laces that make putting on easier.

    Tips and care:

    – When taking off your shoes, leave them outside the shoe rack for at least 12 hours so that they air.

    – Always clean before storing them, passing a brush on the sole to remove dirt, a damp cloth on top and then a dry cloth. Make sure they are dry before putting them away.

    – Never use the washing machine or immerse your shoes in a bucket of water, as this will damage them.

    – Leather shoes require careful handling. If the dirt is just dust, a dry cloth and a simple brushing may be enough. After the surface is clean, polish it, using the proper leather treatment products.

    – The shoes should dry in the shade and never in the sun, as this changes the original colors.

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Tie Die Gelo


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